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How health coaching can help diabetes patients

With diabetes on the rise, how well employees manage the chronic disease should be a concern for employers, Diana Sherifali, an associate professor at McMaster University’s school of nursing, told Benefits Canada‘s 2018 Healthy Outcomes conference in May.

Since diabetes often comes with other chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension and high cholesterol, mitigating it is all the more necessary, she said. In addition, the stress of dealing with the condition can become extreme to the point of being a precursor to moderate depression, she added. Read more »


5 Easy Ways to Meet Your 150 Minutes

If you’ve been listening to our endless positive preaching you know by now that adults ages 18-65 should  be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per week to receive any of the great health benefits from exercise.

Two and a half hours can seem overwhelming when you feel like you can’t find the time, money or sheer willpower to do it. Read more »


Tips for a guilt-free Holiday Season

by Kelly Beaudoin

Even for those of us who love the holiday season, this time of year can be very stressful. In addition to all our regular commitments, we somehow manage to squeeze in enough time for holiday shopping, extra cooking and baking, get-togethers and parties, and maybe even a school concert or two.

The stores start stocking holiday décor in October, and suddenly the pressure is on – to have the “perfect” holiday, but do we really need perfection and all the stuff that goes with it?

Three things can make the holidays especially difficult for us all: time and money (which we don’t have enough of) and guilt (which we have too much of). Too often we try to do too much, try to buy too much, try to keep up with what we think others are doing, or what others expect of us. So how can we free ourselves of these pressures and still have a truly wonderful holiday experience?

Seven tips for a guilt-free holiday season:

Read more »


What’s the Best Diet?

Here’s a good video from Dr. Mike Evans about making lasting dietary changes if you’re looking to improve your health this year.